Get a Juicy Website Without Getting Grilled.
The four rules you need to know.

1. Don't pay extra for frills.

Portland website design

Many fancy design firms hire expensive programmers who use complex technologies that you don't need. You want a website that boosts your business, not a spaceship.

2. Don't get Supersized.

Portland web site design

Skip the bloat and focus on achieving a specific goal; turning prospects into clients.

3. Don't wait until its over to learn the real price.

Portland website designer

Where's the price? Prices that represent good value don't need to be hidden. Find the price easily or move on.

4. Get it how you like it.

Portland web designer

Have it your way. Do you want a custom website built just your way? One that turbo-charges your business? Delivering what you want is exactly what puts Portland Website Design ahead of the competition, oh and our prices too, but I'll get to that in a second.

You have just invested 27 seconds to make a better decision about taking your business online. Would it benefit you to have all your individual questions answered?


So you have been asking yourself "
sounds great but how much."

Pasted Graphic 5 - Price List

Custom Small Business Website - $495.00

Monthly Website Hosting - $11.95

I know what you're thinking, "
these prices are way less than the other guy's." I know. These prices include everything, even a free domain name!

You may be asking yourself "
but what if I want mustard, extra pickles and hold the ketchup?" It won't affect the price. My goal is to keep my pricing simple and give you what you want at an incredible value.


Cheers to your success,
Geoff Dorn
(503) 888-4825